Capital Transcription & Translation Services

Managing  confidential and time sensitive audio files

Transcription Services (French and English)

We transcribe audio/video recordings and dictation into Transcripts

Transcription from audio (3-5 day turnaround)                   

Transcription from audio (1-2 day turnaround)                      


Focusing on the security of your audio file and transcripts

Editing/Proofing Services (French and English)

We edit and proof existing documents and reports to ensure accuracy.

Editing/Proofing (3-5 day turnaround)                               

Editing/Proofing (1-2 day turnaround)                                           


covert audio, paper, videos into transcripts

Language Translation Services

We will translate your Legal document or transcript into any Worldwide language, (subject to availability)

For any document translation, please forward us your document, and we will respond with a quote, if you decide to proceed the document will be translated, certified and notarized for your legal purposes.



Data Processing Services

We convert handwritten material into professionally formatted text. 

Handwritten conversion (3-5 day turnaround)                    

Handwritten conversion (1-2 day turnaround)   

                                Memoir compilation your story in a transcript                                  


Speech Recognition Technology Support Services

We offer SRT support/management. We will proof/edit SRT-generated documents to ensure final reports are accurate.

SRT amendments (3-5 day turnaround)                           

SRT amendments (1-2 day turnaround)